Bath Bomb: Homemade or Bought. Which is the Best?

Bath bomb bathing has no match, if you have experienced it before. The first experience of this bathing creates an immense desire to have this experience again and again, something which an addict of some item desires. Bathing with bath bomb is not only a real fun but also has health benefits, if you really understand the way to enjoy it. Bath bombs are available in the market in many assortments, but picking of a right type can offer maximum benefits.

bulk bath bombs

Homemade or industry made bath bombs

The price of this product is not due to its basic ingredients – baking soda and citric acid which are very cheap. The essential oils, plant oils and other blends used in making of bath bombs makes the price difference. The high price is due to these ingredients. Since ingredients are the essentiality of bath bombs, you can save money by making them at your home instead of buying fancy fizzies from shelves of the store because stores have their overhead costs. A bath bomb recipe is as simple like a food recipe that will cost you quite less than buying a readymade product. However, if you don’t find feasibility to make it, you can buy it from a reputed grocery store or search some good online store like

Homemade or bought. Which is best?

For those who would love to create their own bath bombs, there are methods to make basic bath bombs, milky bath bombs, flower or herbal bath bombs, ultra-soft bath bombs or any other customized type. It is not going to take much time in preparation, if you have all ingredients ready in your home. You prepare them, let them dry, and store in an airtight container on a dry place to maintain their effectiveness for longer period. Homemade bath bombs are always best because you use trusted ingredients, but you can get the best product when you buy on a trusted store.








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