Difference Between ESMA & Autorisation de Voyage (USA VISA)

There are two options for a traveler intending to visit United States for tourism or to attend some business event or to meet a business client. One option is to apply a visa for tourist/business travel, Autorisation de Voyage (USA VISA) orTravel Authorization (USA VISA), which is the prime choice and most travelers don’t have any other option. The issue of tourist/business visa has some major drawbacks; B1/B2 applying is a tedious process, it takes long time to process, the visa fee is high, and chance of denial is higher.

Overcoming drawbacks of Autorisation de Voyage (USA VISA)

There is a better option for travelers from some countries which are part of United States’ Visa Waiver program (VWP) because they can enjoy the advantage of visa-free entry into US for short-stay visit (not exceeding 90 days and not extendable) without a need of Autorisation de Voyage (USA VISA). There are 38 participating countries at present that have been included in US Visa Waiver Program. The citizens of these countries holding machine-readable passport or e-passport can apply for ESTA or SEAV document online just few days prior to their boarding of flight or ship. The visa has one major advantage that a traveler cannot book a travel ticket till visa has been issued because it can be denied and there is no time limit within which it will be issued. The travel authorization document ESTA is the best way to overcome this drawback of tourist/business visa.

Major difference between ESMA and Autorisation de Voyage (USA VISA)validity

If you meet all eligibility conditions of ESMA, you are not required to apply for Autorisation de Voyage (USA VISA), but you should remember that ESMA will not be issued, if you are holding a valid US tourist/business visa. The difference between the two documents is that ESMA has validity of maximum 90 days at a time, but a tourist visa is usually issued for multiple travels during a period of 10 years and has a validity of maximum 180 days for a single visit.

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