Status of English in Thailand Amid TEFL Thailand Programs

Thailand is one of the countries where English is taught as foreign language because Thai is the native language of this Asian country. English is not Thailand’s colonial language, but this language has developed in this post-British-colonial country for some reasons. The missing history of colonial and postcolonial English in Thailand doesn’t highlight details of development of this language, but English has fixed its place in Thailand as Thai English, regardless of prioritizing American or British English. However, this doesn’t make much difference.

TEFL Thailand and Thai English

There are not specific parameters to gauge attitudes and perceptions of Thai people towards English styles. English is taught under TEFL Thailand as an essential foreign language subject, but people have created their own Thai style of English. The basics of any language are same in any style and so is the case with English. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which includes Thailand also, has adopted English as sole official language. Though language attitudes are factors that make a difference to some extent, yet institutional practices go by the policy directions and create a pattern of learning English which is most appropriate for non-native learners.

TEFL Thailand and attitude of Thai English

We are not going to investigate the cause here for what led to deviation from standard English learning practice in TEFL Thailand and development of Thai English because TEFL serves the fundamental objective of English learning and a learner achieves the goal of learning this language to the desired level of aptitude. So, there is nothing to be bothered about the style of language after joining a TEFL program or course.

Sluggish progress despite TEFL Thailand

Considering the past to present status of English in Thailand, it is apparent that the Ministry of Education in Thailand made all efforts to improve English learning standards in the era of globalization; TEFL Thailand is good example of these efforts, but issue is still stressed. The English language skills have made sluggish progress in this country compared to many other countries.

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